Are you or a loved one at risk of falling?

1 in 4 seniors fall each year and falls jeopardize independence. While falls are common, they are also preventable. Our therapists can assess your risk factors, develop a balance and safety plan, and help ensure you remain active and independent.

Many of us have been much less active due to COVID stay-at-home orders and winter weather. Now that spring is in sight, we want to help. Increasing activity levels safely and decreasing risk of falling will help prevent future injury and functional loss. Our PRO PT team wants to help; it is our mission to help you live a happier, healthier, more active life.


Simply call any of our offices in Kingwood, Bruceton, or Masontown and we will schedule a free, quick 15 minute fall assessment and share our recommendations to get you moving toward better balance and a future free of falls. You can do it - We can help.