No Time to Exercise? - 5 Simple Ways to Get More Active

Shanda McNew - PRO PT


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Description automatically generatedI have a confession - as a physical therapist, I know how important exercise is to your health. However, I donít particularly enjoy it. Iíve spent many of my adult years making excuses to avoid it. ďToo busyĒ was my go-to excuse, but then came a pandemic and I could no longer tell myself I didnít have time. So grudgingly, I went for a walk. Only 1000 steps the first day, a few more the next. I still cringe at the thought of ďexerciseĒ but being more active has made me feel better. Below are 5 ways to get more active in your daily life - remember to start small and reward yourself for consistency.  



1. Go for a walk. Tracking steps with a pedometer or your phone can be a great motivator.  Walk with a friend - the conversation will distract you from the whole exercise thing.


2. Take the stairs. Just 5 minutes strengthens your legs and improves your heart and lung health.  


3. Park further away. You will not only get more activity but save a ton of time looking for the closest spot.


4. Pace or clean while on the phone. Chatting on the phone is a great time to walk. Wearing a headset will free your hands so you can even tidy up.


5. Exercise during the commercials. The average commercial break is 3 minutes long, so rather than fast forwarding try some exercises like squats, planks, or lifting small weights. Thereís no need to count reps, when your show comes back on youíre done until the next one.

You donít have to love exercise, I certainly donít. But you will love feeling healthier and happier, and thatís what itís all about.