Physical Therapy: No Pain, No Gain?? -- Not Really!!


When you hear the phrase, “No pain, no gain”, does it send you running for the hills? Or does it inspire you to push harder to achieve your health and fitness goals? In order to successfully apply this principle, you must understand the differences in pain that your body may experience.


 When you are exercising a certain muscle group, you cause small tears in the muscle. Your body’s response to these tears is to come in with healing nutrients and build new muscle fiber bridges, which creates bigger muscle fibers and more muscular strength. This can cause some muscular pain and soreness. This is often delayed in its onset which is why you may not experience muscle soreness for a day or so after a fatiguing exercise.


If you are performing a certain exercise and you notice a sharp or stabbing pain, this should be investigated. Working closely with your physical therapist you will be able to learn how your body may respond to new challenges. There is a wide range of normal, and some people may require modifications to be able to complete a task with less pain or greater efficiency.


Don’t put off progressing your fitness routine, don’t avoid tackling that long awaited summer time project, don't let fear of pain or difficulty prevent you from enjoying yourself this summer. Let our skilled movement specialists get your body working like a well-oiled machine.


Questions about this article? Ask our contributor - Madison Soler, DPT is a physical therapist in our Kingwood facility who addresses functional deficits across the lifespan. One of the things this Morgantown resident loves about working in Preston County is the personal relationships she gets to form with her patients. She will help formulate goals that are specific to your functional needs, whether it is riding your motorcycle or working in your garden. Reach out to her at our Kingwood location at (304)329-3739.


 All gain, little pain is what you should expect with physical therapy. We are here to help you enjoy your life, pain-free! Our team is dedicated to helping you identify the cause of your pain and creating a personalized treatment program to help you meet your goals. To make an appointment, simply call us in Kingwood at (304)329-3739 or in Masontown at (304)864-0111.