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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceEnhance Your Athlete’s Game with Sports Performance Training

Tiffany Dolly, DPT

Today we have an abundance of resources to help improve our athletic abilities for all levels of play. Unfortunately, sports can lead to injuries. And when that happens, the key to getting you back to your sport or simply everyday life, is the way you recover and that can be quick or can take time.


You might not realize it but your recovery period has many benefits, which is why you should take it seriously. Below are 4 ways physical therapy can enhance your sports performance:


     Avoid training hazards and future injuries. Training with a physical therapist whose expertise is in both sports and rehabilitation can help you get back in the game better than ever before. A provider can help you heal and perform at your highest level while also showing you how to avoid potential training hazards or future injuries.


     Gain an edge in sports or higher-level hobbies. Of course, as a patient, you must be willing to work to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance. Look for a program that provides a personalized exercise program for sport-specific training, total body strength, power, stamina, flexibility and movement.


     Spot incorrect patterns of movement. Identifying muscle weaknesses, tightness and coordination problems can help you avoid injury and move more efficiently within your sport of choice. A physical therapist who can correct improper movement patterns to help you get back on the court – better, faster and stronger.


     Perform exercises in a controlled, comfortable environment. Perform higher-level exercises in an environment with skilled experts prior to doing them on your own. If you pair that with innovative techniques, you can easily access parts of recovery not typically available in traditional physical therapy clinics.