Calling all Weekend Warriors! Healthy Advice to Prevent Injuries

Shanda McNew - PRO PT


A “Weekend Warrior” is a recreational athlete who often packs a week’s worth of exercise and physical activity into Saturday and Sunday due to the hectic nature of life and the workweek. While most healthcare providers would never fault anyone for getting exercise, most agree that weekend warriors should be particularly cautious. By putting greater stress on the body over a shorter period of time, these athletes put themselves at greater risk of injuries, such as strains, sprains, tears, or fractures. Age and overall physical condition play significant roles in these injuries, but they can be minimized with a dose of common sense and an ounce of prevention.

     Space It Out, Stay Active During the Week  Inactivity can lead to muscle tightness and reduced cardiovascular fitness. Space out your physical activity throughout the week and capitalize on brief moments to move around, stretch, and exercise in your daily routine.

     Warm Up, Cool Down, Hydrate – Take 5 minutes for some light resistance and cardio exercises to get your blood flowing. Cool down with some muscle stretching and be sure to drink plenty of water throughout.

     Mix It Up, Temper Your Intensity – Try not to fill your weekends with the same activities, focus on cardio and the hiking trails one weekend and strength and balance at the golf tournament the next.

     Listen to Your Body – Always know your limits; a tired body is more susceptible to muscle strains and injuries. If you feel aches and pains or suspect injury, don’t try to simply power through. Consult with your doctor or physical therapist; they can help you recover and get you properly conditioned to keep you injury-free going forward so our Weekend Warriors can keep battling.