Freedom of movement,

freedom from pain


Conditions that respond well to ASTYM™treatment…

• Lateral epicondylitis

(tennis elbow)

• Carpal tunnel syndrome

• Knee pain

• Ankle pain

• Plantar fasciitis

• Hip pain

• Achilles tendinitis



If you’ve been suffering from a chronic condition that causes pain in your daily life, there is new hope through the ASTYM™system. ASTYM™treatment, an innovative rehabilitation technique, addresses old injuries at the root of the problem. Often effective when other treatments have failed, it has brought pain relief and improved performance to many who have suffered for years.


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Changing rehab, Changing lives

Why ASTYM Treatment?

Because our patients deserve to be active and pain free.

We want the best for our patients…the best results, the best experience, the best scientifically based programs. The ASTYM treatment provides all that and more. It’s an evidence-based program that achieves outstanding results for many musculoskeletal conditions.

Why do clinicians choose ASTYM treatment?

Why do clinics choose to provide the ASTYM treatment?


What is the ASTYM Process?

Finally, an answer for scar tissue and degenerative tendon problems!

Most treatments ignore soft-tissue dysfunctions such as adhesions, scar tissue and inappropriate fibrosis. ASTYM treatment directly addresses unhealthy soft tissue through an innovative treatment process that years of scientific research and clinical trails have demonstrated to be effective.

Our certified clinician, following a specific protocol, non-invasively locates and treats the dysfunctional tissue using specially designed, patented instrumentation. This approach induces the patient's body to respond by initiating the healing cascade. This includes macrophage mediated phagocytosis (microdebridement) and local release of growth factors that result in an increase in fibroblast recruitment and activation. A customized stretching and exercise program is prescribed to promote optimal tissue healing and collagen remodeling.

Throughout the treatment, our patients are encouraged to stay active in their work, sport or daily activities. This is important, as it facilitates stronger and more functional tissue and decreases the risk of re-injury.